What project must be implemented to follow the business approach to immigration

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The Business Research for Employment Assistance and Development project is a business approach to immigration. It will be implemented for purposes of carrying out business research to contribute towards improving the welfare of immigrants in the US, more specifically, by providing better access to decent employment opportunities.

Through action research, the organization will focus on developing business models for work opportunities, creation and enhancement, including work place safety and satisfaction. In line with this primary objective, the organization will also provide an integrated package of legal employment assistance, financial assistance, training and educational counseling, and investment assistance services to immigrants in the US.

While the business approach to US immigration is established primarily for the purpose of helping immigrants to become functionally integrated in US society, it recognizes that every immigrant must diligently comply with immigration laws and procedures, to be followed by an eventual access to decent work opportunity, thereby becoming law abiding and economically productive members of US society.

The major strategies that the project will employ include action research focused on creating innovative business models in high-priority occupations in geographical areas in the US that require immigrants, action and participatory research, networking among immigrants and their partners, establishment of earning ventures for more sustainable operations of non-profit business organizations, and providing access to credit assistance for business, education, and housing.

The project will be managed as a business organization that can sustain its operations with limited grants and donations. The revenue of the foundation will be realized through various revenue centers, including business research, legal immigration services, business ownership assistance, investment service assistance, employment service, professional examination and accreditation services, and other professional services in line with improving the welfare of immigrants.

The initial costs to be incurred in the project will include business registration, planning, staffing, purchase of office and communications equipment, and other start up expenses. More specifically, the foundation shall comply with the tax exemption registration, labor registration, and all other requirements related to insurance and benefits of employees. The major costs to be incurred include operating costs, such as personal services and communications. It will also include research, attendance at immigration and investment symposia, and payment for other professional services. As a service business with very minimal capital cost requirements, and based on estimated annual sales, the business operations of the non-profit corporation are highly financially viable and sustainable.

Funding for the operations of the business approach to immigration project will be in the form of donations, grants, loans, and other capital funds. Grants and donations will be needed most for start up operations. The foundation’s focus on becoming a financially sustainable entity will ultimately limit dependency on grants and donations by the fifth year of its operations.

The project will initially test two “operational business models”. These include: (1) an industrial greenhouse model using automated technologies for the production of lettuce and other leafy vegetables; and a hybrid rice production model. These business models are intended to generate employment opportunities for immigrants, and will be an important gauge of the future business research direction of the project in line with helping immigrants.

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