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The main objective of Federal immigration law is to ascertain one’s citizenship status in the United States of America. Houston immigration law will ensure that any aliens that may be in the state will still get to enjoy freedoms as well as be tasked with responsibilities as they wait for their status to be confirmed. Keep in mind though that not all people with an alien status can stay in the country for an indefinite period of time.

Some aliens may get to be granted more time than other and all this will fall under Houston immigration law. The courts tend to have a very limited jurisdiction when it comes to Houston immigration law. Their main role is to interpret the different freedoms as well as rights that aliens have a right to while they are on US soil.

Here is a brief outline on the guidelines that cover illegal entry into the United States of America.

1. Original as well as exclusive jurisdiction on any controversies that occur between two states or more is held by the Supreme Court.

2.The supreme court may have original jurisdiction but not exclusive to any actions that have ambassadors as parties, to controversies between America and a state and also to any proceeding brought forth by a state against members of a different state or aliens.

When it comes to Houston immigration law, there are two main categories of visas that may be issued to an individual. The first of these is the immigrant visa and the second in the non-immigrant visa. The latter of the two are reserved for people who are aliens in the country on a temporary basis such as attending a business meeting or perhaps simply acting as tourists.

Currently, there is not a set limit to the number of non-immigrant visas that can be issued annually. Immigrant visas on the other hand are issued to allow aliens to seek permanent residence. A Houston immigration lawyer would advise you to apply for this if you are contemplating seeking citizenship down the road.

Before the 1950s, there was a limit to the number of immigrant visas that could be processed each year. This would largely depend on the number of people of each race that was already residing in the country plus the number of people who were already seeking citizenship. However, times have now changed and Houston immigration law will not set the precedent depending on nationality rather than one’s race.

With the inception of this new law, the term alien was coined which was to refer to anyone who lacks American citizenship or any status that would identify them as a united states national. If you would like to seek citizenship in the United States of America yet hold the status of an alien, Houston immigration law requires you to be documented. To be able to be documented, one should have the appropriate records as has been mandated by the congress.

In the event that an alien does not have the proper paperwork in order, Houston immigration law requires that they are deported back to their country of origin.

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